Delivery Mode

This program will be offered jointly by HBMSU and UOC exploiting the expertise of both universities.

The program adopts a blended teaching and learning approach in the delivery of its courses. While the two institutions are physically located in Dubai and Barcelona, respectively, learners will engage with course learning activities from wherever they are located in the world. The blend combines the benefits of synchronous online collaboration and self-paced learning, giving learners the opportunity to participate through an online platform in live interactions (voice and chat) with their instructors and fellow learners.

Online Collaborative Learning: Online collaborative learning is defined as the learning situation in which interaction and communication occurs through the use of electronic means between the instructor and learners and between learners themselves in order to achieve a particular academic goal. This would include a wide range of activities such as the delivery of classroom instructions through virtual class rooms, formal and informal communication between instructors and learners or between learners among themselves via email or chat, groups of learners working on a project, etc.

Collaboration in blended learning is an important method used to achieve learner’s engagement and encourage them to learn. When learners know that they will need to be able to demonstrate what they have learned, they tend to stay more engaged. Collaboration is designed to support learning outcomes. Interaction in online environment may occur in a synchronous mode (real time) through the use of tools such as text, audio and video chat and virtual classrooms or through asynchronous mode which relies on tools such as emails, blogs, wikis and discussion forums.

Self-paced learning: An instruction method in which learners work individually at their own level and rate toward achieving an academic goal. It may involve situations where learners go through a web-based or CD-based course, watch a video or DVD or a pre-recorded session, or simply go through reading material (books, articles, etc). A self-paced type of learning adds significant value to the blended learning equation. In order to get maximum value from a self-paced learning offering, it must be based on effective implementation of instructional design principles.

This delivery strategy aims to achieve flexible, cost effective learning for the widest geographically located audience that smoothly accommodates different learning styles and starting competency levels